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What Causes Erectile Dysfunction

Impotence or erectile dysfunction is the inability to achieve and keep erections firm enough for a sexual intercourse. Basically, there are different symptoms that characterize this common condition, such as:

  • Decreased sexual drive;
  • Trouble keeping erections;
  • Difficulty getting erections.

What to do if erection not stable? First, you need to see a doctor if you have:

  • Concerns about erection and other sexual issues, such as delayed or premature ejaculation and ejaculatory dysfunction;
  • Heart conditions, diabetes and others linked to ED;
  • Other symptoms along with male impotence.

Why Erectile Dysfunction Develops in the Body

Male sexual arousal is quite a complex process, and it involved many important body organs, including the brain, nerves, blood vessels, muscles, etc. What are your weak erection causes? ED can be resulted by anything mentioned above in addition to mental concerns and regular stress. Sometimes, this unwanted sexual condition is caused by a certain combination of both psychological and physical issues.

When it comes to physical causes of erectile problems, they include the following:

  • Clogged blood vessels and high cholesterol levels;
  • Heart diseases and hypertension;
  • Obesity and diabetes;
  • Multiple sclerosis and metabolic syndrome;
  • Sleep disorders and smoking;
  • Alcoholism and other substance abuse;
  • Peyronie’s and Parkinson’s diseases;
  • Injuries or surgeries that affect a spinal cord or pelvic area;
  • Some prescription meds and treatments for enlarged prostate.

What about psychological causes that lead to erectile dysfunction? The brain is important in triggering different physical events that result in firm erections, and they range from a feeling of sexual excitement. However, there are many factors that may interfere with these processes and cause male impotence, including:

  • Regular stress and anxiety;
  • Depression and other mental conditions;
  • Relationship problems and others.

List of Possible ED Risk Factors

If you don’t want to end up with erection problems, there are certain risk factors that should be avoided. Unfortunately, you can’t do that with all of them, especially when it comes to impotence and middle age. That’s because as you age or get older, it may start taking longer to get your erections, and they may not be as firm as you want. Other important risk factors that result in experiencing specific erection problems include the following:

  • Medical conditions, such as heart ailments, blood clots and diabetes;
  • Being overweight, especially when men are obese;
  • Tobacco use because it restricts the right blood flow into penile arteries and veins, thus, causing chronic conditions that cause erectile dysfunction;
  • Some medical treatments, including radiation therapy for cancer and prostate surgery;
  • Different medications, such as antihistamines, antidepressants, pills for prostate conditions, hypertension, pain and others;
  • Specific injuries, especially if they damage the arteries or nerves that control erections;
  • Alcohol and drug use, especially for heavy drinkers and long-term drug users;
  • Psychological conditions, like depression, anxiety, everyday stress and others;
  • Prolonged bicycling because it may compress nerves and have a negative impact on the blood flow to a penis, thus, leading to erectile problems.